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Using Fashion Jewelry to Create Different Looks in Women

Fashion jewelry can enhance any outfit. Changing the type of jewelry you are wearing and turn a professional outfit into a playful one or a casual outfit into a more formal one. Carefully choose your fashion jewelry to evoke the image you desire. Women should be aware of what is in style, what is classic and what is a fad. They should also be well aware of how to put together fashion jewelry to enhance an outfit so that it is used as an accent and not the main event. Carefully choosing the types of fashion jewelry used in an outfit can make or break it.

All women should have a variety of fashion jewelry from which to choose so that they can mix and match with different outfits. First, all women should have some classic, subtle choices to add to their wardrobe. This may include pearls, a simple chain necklace, stud earrings and an understated ring. Women should also add a few more dramatic pieces such as clunky jewelry, bold lines and bangles. Additional fashion jewelry can include hair accessories, chokers, bracelets, anklets and brooches. Having a variety of styles in fashion jewelry will help the fashion conscious lady pick and choose in order to create the look that is most desired and most appropriate for the occasion.

One of the great things about fashion jewelry is the ability to take an outfit and change it just by changing the type of jewelry that is used as an accessory. For example, if a woman is working and plans to go out for a few drinks after work, she will want to change her outfit slightly from professional to a more daring, evening look. This can be accomplished simply by changing the jewelry that accentuates the outfit. A classic skirt, blouse and high heels combination can look very professional by day when paired with subtle, understated jewelry. It provides a conservative look. However, when you take off the conservative jewelry and add some more dramatic pieces, the look can change from day wear to evening out on the town wear.

As a general rule, the more conservative the venue a woman is going to, the less fashion jewelry should be used and the more subtle the fashion jewelry should be. Classic lines and simple pieces are ideal in such situations. Venues where subtle fashion jewelry would be appropriate would be in the corporate world, during the day, for casual outings, church services and civic duties. A woman wants to portray an elegant, confident air without calling too much attention to her appearance.

Most women want to show off, though, from time to time and make a bold statement. When going out on the town with the girls, going dancing, going out on a date with a man you are interested in or going to a single's gathering a woman may want to spruce up her appearance just a bit. She may want to be a little more daring and flirty in her wardrobe selections. This is also a time to be more bold and daring in fashion jewelry selections as well. This is the time to break out some of the fun costume jewelry, heavier pieces or more bangles. Especially when flirting, the use of fashion jewelry can be used to play with or call attention to areas that wish to be highlighted.

When buying fashion jewelry buy quality over quantity. Make sure you have some good quality pieces that can be used on multiple outfits. Buying fashion jewelry is an investment in your appearance and you do not want to skimp on it. Indulge in some nicer genuine precious metals or stones for special occasions. Buy fashion jewelry that will be durable and elegant for a long time. Costume jewelry should be of good quality materials that will not fade, turn colors or easily break. It is perfectly fine to purchase fashion jewelry that is in vogue at the time as long as you recognize that it is not a timeless piece and there may come a day when it is outdated. But, have a good balance between your selection of ultra stylish fashion jewelry and classic, timeless pieces that can be used in any situation.

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